Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Top 6 "Horror" Games 

With Halloween dead and gone, I figure it is time to list my 6 favorite "horror" games. I put the quotation marks around it because whether they are scary is up to discretion. Also my list may be dominated by 2 certain franchises.

1. Resident Evil 4 - Intense, fast, and really really awesome. Scary? That's hard to say. I do believe the first part of the game where villagers are chasing after you in a murderous frenzy could be considered scary. Though when I started playing and Chainsaw Sackhead (whats his name?) took me by surprise to lop my fool head off did shock me. The bastard.

2. Resident Evil - The remake not the original. Gritty, violent, some scary moments I believe. Maybe not as big a scare to me as the original when I was 14 but it improved the game. Though the originals first zombie's cutscene still freaks me out in ways the reamake couldn't.

3. Silent Hill - Honestly, scared me at some parts. I may have been 15 or so but when that hospital went hell on me, I was freaked out. Of all horror games, this has probably the most overall scare feeling. You aren't a supercop or something, you are a regular guy in a bad situation trying to find your daughter. How universal.

4. Resident Evil 2 - Not as overall creepy as the original due to the larger spaces but gave you some good frights. I'm still not sure why I didn't see the Licker come through that window in the interrogation room.

5. Eternal Darkness - Broke the monopoly. Had it's moments and some cool stuff. Some creepy passive sanity effects and one moment that actually made me yell out in shock. When you happen upon the bathroom and see the main character dead in a bathtub filled with blood. Didn't see it coming.

6. Silent Hill 2 - Two words: Pyramid Head. Seeing him the first time gave me some sort of freak out. He was raping a fucking mannequin! How sick and twisted is that? Not as scary to me as the original because I was 23 when I played SH2 and 15 when I played the original. Age matters.

Now there is debate whether horror games are really scary, at all. I don't know. I don't care. They are fun. Though I might throw Doom/II in the mix. When I first played that I got honest too god scared by Cyberdemons and Barons of Hell. Something about those bastards.


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